STROMAN DESIGN ® is a New York City based design studio founded on their ( Form x Function ) ™ principle .  This principle guides the studio toward solutions that maximize the functionality of fewer components and is of particular relevance to the studio's current focus on ergonomics : ( ergon : work , nomos : natural law ) . 

Prior to earning his Bachelor of Architecture degree, the studio’s founder, Thomas Stroman, required back surgery to address a severely ruptured disc. Though the surgery was a success, the mounting human-computer interaction required to complete his degree began to cause chronic discomfort and pain.  Knowing these demands would only increase professionally, he began to contemplate an innovative approach to ergonomic task seating centered not on the display interface, but on a Neutral Body Posture.  It is reflected throughout the studio’s ergonomic product introduction, the Chotto ®, and represents a uniquely human-centered design approach that puts the body in close proximity to the Neutral Body Posture that the body naturally assumes when it is free from gravitational forces.  ( NASA ).


Chotto : ( chair + ottoman ) The primary objective of the Chotto is to minimize the physiological consequences of sitting by reducing muscle tension, reversing skeletal compression and increasing blood circulation.  Simply stated, it is to achieve a healthy way of sitting.  In pursuit of this objective, the Chotto features a unique weight-displacing recumbent seating position and a multi-layer cushioning system that is comprised of an entirely flexible, pre-tensioned and cushioned seating surface. This cushioning system dynamically adapts to each occupant’s weight, shape and movement.  A cushioned headrest that can be adjusted in up to 100 unique positions provides additional support for the head and neck.  ( Patent Pending )


Options:  An optional footrest elevates the legs and feet while an immediately mobile, nested and freely rotating task tray provides a universal surface for eating, reading, writing, or digital interaction.  This same tray can be repositioned within the optional rear support brackets for use with the pivoting display interface / standup desk ( PDI ).  The PDI is based on design research that favors a human-centered interface that literally revolves around the seated, tension-free and fully supported user.  If paired with a laptop, the PDI can also be used as a dual-screen interface in both the seated or standing position.  With the PDI in the default standup desk position, the Chotto simultaneously accommodates both a standing and seated user – all within a small 15 s.f. footprint.  Internally, the Chotto features enough space for large storage drawers that can be accessed from multiple angles and from both the seated and standing positions.  ( Patent Pending )


We believe the Chotto adheres to our founding principle of ( Form x Function ) and reflects a more considered approach to ergonomic design that will provide you with extended comfort and productivity.


The Chotto was introduced in 2016 at the ICFF and Northside Festival Innovation Expo.


" With the introduction of the Chotto, it is my hope that anyone who, by choice or physical condition, must sit

for extended periods of time can now minimize the physiological impacts of sitting while improving their

quality of life with extended comfort and productivity. "                                                                       


The Chotto is designed to displace the weight of your physical world so your digital worlds can be
accessed with greater comfort and productivity"                


                                      Thomas Stroman , Founder

                                      STROMAN DESIGN