Task Tray™


P a t e n t   P e n d i n g


The Task Tray is an exceptionally stable, portable and functional workstation that frees you from the ergonomic constraints and physical consequences of working statically around a fixed computer display. 

Like our award winning Chotto, the Task Tray is designed to enhance your productivity by providing a variety of ergonomic options that prioritize your physical and mental wellbeing.  It excels as a portable workstation by granting you the freedom to determine where, when and most importantly, how you want to work.  


The innovative proportions, portability and on-demand adjustability of the Task Tray allows your work surface to transition with you through a wide range of ergonomically desirable positions. 

Wether you prefer to sit, stand, recline, or lay flat on you back with your knees up, the Task Tray can be quickly transported and adjusted by activating its unique auto-locking mechanism. 


The Task Tray can also increase the functionality of your existing workspace and enhance your workspace ergonomics by optimizing the visual and physical accessibility of your devices and/or reference materials.

If your desktop space is limited, our custom mounting brackets also allow the Task Tray to be docked on one or more vertical surfaces throughout your home or office.  There, it can be stored or used as a display surface, a task surface, a standup desk or shelf.

The Task Tray also provides you with the peace of mind in knowing that you can easily transition out of noisy or crowded workspaces and into a more productive work environment.   


With the Task Tray, you no longer have to settle for upright task seating that prioritizes a fixed display interface over your physical and mental wellbeing.  You can avoid all of the unwanted vertebral compression, muscle fatigue and poor circulation that furniture manufacturers continue to describe as ergonomic.

We believe the time has come to prioritize people over products and embrace an evolutionary approach to ergonomics that, in this case, represents an exceptional example of our Form x Function ® philosophy.

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