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CHOTTO ® : ( chair + ottoman ) The CHOTTO is multifunctional ergonomic chair that is designed to put your body within an ideal Neutral Body Posture and eliminate all of your muscle tension, minimize all of the compression within your spine and increase circulation throughout your entire body. Simply stated, it is designed to provide you with a healthy way of sitting that some have described as therapeutic.

The CHOTTO features a unique weight-displacing recumbent seating position and an entirely flexible, pre-tensioned and cushioned seating surface. This cushioning system dynamically adapts to your unique weight, shape and movement. A cushioned headrest that can be rotationally adjusted in up to 100 unique positions provides additional support for the head and neck. A portable work surface is also included. (Not Shown) A more advanced footrest is in development to replace the footrest that is featured in some of the CHOTTO images. The footrest version shown is a prototype. It is not available at this time and will not be included with your purchase. We will update this page with the new footrest once it is in production.

Structural components of the CHOTTO are made from steel. The cushioning is comprised of multiple layers of flexible natural and synthetic materials.

The CHOTTO is currently available in Black/Graphite, Silver/White.

Delivery and Freight not included in purchase price. Delivery is currently limited to the continental USA.

Dimensions: 42” H x 30” W x 64” L

Weight: 140 lbs.

Ships in 12 weeks.